Our mission at Trueself Group is to surpass our client’s expectations, inspire our team, and create a culture where we are proud to be judged not by what we have done but by what we will do.












Trueself Group started as just an idea, an idea that bringing two things together would have a larger impact than one thing doing two jobs. Think peanut butter and jelly; both are good on their own but one needs the other to make it great.

Trueself’s idea was that everyone should do what they are already great at! That a company’s strength should be its only focus. You see, our strength is talking; we don’t create anything you can physically hold. But we do like to do what most companies and people fear most. We like to talk and build relationships (even to strangers), we like to present, we like sales, we like to build connections and we like to do this in the most personal way… in person. And this is where our idea turned into reality.

Trueself Group was created to give the grocery line talkers of the world safe haven and create a team to represent larger brands and give them that personal touch with their customer base. We specialize in finding new customers and helping our clients grow. You see, we’re peanut butter and you’re jelly… okay you can be peanut butter. Life is too short to take yourself too seriously. As you can tell we have fun here, on a serious note, studies shows that a fun work environment actually increases performance. And our performance speaks for itself, so be the best version of yourself at Trueself Group.

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

Steve Jobs

“Strength comes not from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.”

Rikki Rogers

“To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money and that is sincerity and integrity.”

Douglas Adams

“The content of your character is your choice day by day, what you choose, what you think and what you do is who you become.”


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