At Trueself Group we focus a lot on development from public speaking and recruiting to self management and marketing evaluation. Since being part of the Trueself Group team, I really learn how to use my strengths to develop in areas I lack in. Also I do enjoy the opportunity to be part of the community that gives back to nonprofit organizations such as Operation Smile.

Current Team Member

Trueself Group has a very unique atmosphere and a group of individuals with great energy. Certainly not a typical 9-5, but thats not what these people are looking for.

It was a long commute for me, but I know it was well worth the gas money! Since leaving Trueself Group I applied to my dream job and they told me that without my sales experience at Trueself I would not have even been considered! So thank you Trueself Group for the amazing experience!

Former Team Member

I found this position and was instantly curious. The office is not your typical corporate America job. There is a very high energy and a fun, team oriented environment. I have found a lot of growth personally in my life with my experiences here from public speaking, self confidence, and personal professionalism to effectively delegating in a team.

The office has high standards and values that align with mine as well as what I would think is required for a thriving business. I think my biggest reward from this position was expanding my horizons by being out of my "desk job" comfort zone which allowed me to prove to myself that I was not only limited to jobs or positions that I had held prior.

Former Team Member


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